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    What to do with a Lost Bird

    We are often contacted by people who have a lost bird and they want to know what to do.  How should they take care of it and find the owner?

    FIRST OF ALL, pigeons will not bite or hurt you in any way.  If you hold it, do not squeeze it or ruffle the feathers.  Be gentle but firm. 

    SECONDLY, get the bird some food and water.  If you can catch it, place it in a small cage (about 2 feet square) or even a cardboard box with a screen top so light can get in.  An old bird cage or even a pet carrier will do the job.  If the bird is wild in your back yard, put the food and water where it can be found. 

    Water should be in a bowl at least 1 or 2 inches deep because pigeons suck water and must be able to immerse their bill.  If the bird is really exhausted, you may have to show it where the water is initially.   If a bird looks really exhausted, Gatorade or other sports drink may be added to the water. A teaspoon or two per cup (250 ml) of water will help replenish electrolytes.

    Any of the following grains will suffice as food: popcorn, wheat, rice, barley, bird seed, or other whole grain that you may have.  Do not cook these grains.  Bread is not a good choice because most pigeons will not recognize it as food. 

    After it has gained its strength, let it loose and it may continue on its way.  Never attach a note to the leg because you may cause loss of circulation and injure the animal. 

    Or you may have a wonderful new friend that lives in and returns to your backyard.

    If the bird is injured or unbanded and you need assistance, contact your local Humane Society.  You might also look in our directory for white dove release businesses near where you live. 

    If the bird has a band, from the number, you may be able to locate the owner. Some bands are personalized with names and phone numbers directly on them.  Others will have a series of numbers that might look like this:   IPB-224-ABC-01.  Begin by contacting the organization that issued the band.   They should have a record of who owns the bird.  Good Luck, and thank you for taking the time to care.

    IPB 224 ABC 01
    Organization Birds unique # Club Code Year of banding
      North America
      Band Code Organization Contact
      AU American Racing Pigeon Union
      CPFA Canadian Pigeon Fanciers Association
      CU Canadian Racing Pigeon Union (Canada)
      IPB Independent Pigeon Breeders (United States)

      Phone: 877-355-7727
      Fax: 724-843-6070
      IF International Federation of Homing Pigeon Fanciers 
      NBRC National Birmingham Roller Club
      Mr. Robbie Henderson
      NPA National Pigeon Association (United States)
      Mr. James Avery
      National Pigeon Association
      United Kingdom
      Band Code Organization Contact
      BRC Bentley Roller Club (United Kingdom) Mr P Green
      85 Slater Street
      Willenhall, Wolverhampton
      WV13 1HZ
      Phone: 01902 634695
      BSRF/RSG British Show Racer Federation (United Kingdom) Mr D McClary
      59 Argyll Road
      Pennysylvania, Exeter.
      EX4 4RX
      Phone: 01392 273947
      East of England Roller Club (United Kingdom) Mr J Mullan
      The Legend
      41 Coopers Rd
      Martlesham Heath, Suffolk
      IP5 3SJ
      Phone/Fax: 01473 624526
      FPA Fancy Pigeon Association (United Kingdom) Mr L Mullan
      41 Coopers Rd
      Martlesham Heath, Suffolk IP5 3SJ
      Phone/Fax: 01473 624526
      LFRC London Flying Roller Club (United Kingdom) Mr C Fisher
      97 Sketty Road
      Enfield, Middx
      EN1 3SJ
      Phone: 020 8367 8350
      MPRC Midland Roller Pigeon Club (United Kingdom) Mr S Taylor
      44 King George Close
      Sidemore, Bromsgrove, Worcs
      B61 8ASH
      Phone: 01527 870092 after 6pm please.
      NPA National Pigeon Association (United Kingdom) Mrs Tracey Edwards
      Bridge Villa
      Main St
      Pollington, Goole.
      DN14 0DW
      Phone: 01405 869516
      NRC Northern Roller Club (United Kingdom) Mr J Weir
      24 Lowry Villas
      Whiteleas, South Shields
      Tyne & Wear
      NE34 8HZ
      Phone: 0191 4261653
      NTU National Tippler Union (United Kingdom) B. Rose
      46, Maynard Road
      Hartcliffe, Bristol
      BS13 OAG
      Phone: 01179 647275
      NTUW National Tippler Union of Wales (United Kingdom) Mr R Williams
      4 Clayton Street
      Landore, Swansea
      SA1 2PW
      Phone: 01792 424393
      NFTTS Norwich Flying Tippler & Roller Society (United Kingdom) Mr C Howard
      4 Fitzgerald Rd
      Lakenham, Norwich
      NR1 2NF Phone: 01603 470920
      NRTT Nottingham Roller Tippler & Tumbler Club (United Kingdom) Mr R Davis
      79 Westdale Lane
      Gedling, Nottingham
      Phone: 0115 9539771
      WEFT/BSW West of England Flying Tumbler Society (United Kingdom) Mrs R Williams
      12 Clovelly Road
      Bideford, Nth Devon Phone: 01237 477096
      WHFC Worchester Hi-Fli Club (United Kingdom) Mr J Smith
      22 Albert Rd
      WR5 1EB
      Phone: 01905 355041
      WTC Wolverhampton Tumbler Club (United Kingdom) Mr S Porter
      70 King Edward Rd
      Rugby, Warks
      CV21 2TE
      NEHU North of England Homing Union (United Kingdom)
      58, Ennerdale Road
      Walker Dene, Newcastle Upon Tyne
      NE6 4DG Phone: 0191 262 5440
      NWHU North West Homing Union (United Kingdom) Janet. E. Hull
      10 Ward Street
      Lostock Hall
      Preston, Lancashire
      PR5 5HR Phone: 01257 421 271
      GB Royal Pigeon Racing Association (Great Britain) RPRA
      The Reddings
      GL51 5RN
      Phone: 01452 713529
      Ms. Karen James
      RPRA Strays Coordinator
      IHU N Irish Homing Union "N" (Ireland) J. Hughes
      34 Adelaide Avenue
      Belfast BT9 7FY
      IHU S Irish Homing Union "S" (Ireland) S. Lehane
      69 Lorcan Crescent
      Santry, Dublin
      SU Scottish Homing Union (United Kingdom) 231A, Low Waters Road
      Hamilton, Lanarkshire
      ML3 7QN Phone: 01698 286983
      WHU Welsh Homing Pigeon Union (United Kingdom) 3, Coed Cae
      Tirfil, New Tredegar
      NP2 6HH

      Phone: 01443 833161

      Band Code Organization Contact
      BELG Royale Federation Colombophile Belge (Belgium) 39 rue de Livourne
      Ixelles, Brussels 1050
      Phone: 0032 2537 6211
      Fax: 0032 2538 5721
      FRANCE Federation Colomophile Francaise (France) 54 Boulevard Carnot
      59042 Lille
      Cedex, France
      Phone: 0033 3200 68287
      Fax: 0033 3201 50157
      DV Verband Deutscher Brieftaubenliebhaber E. V. (Germany) Essen, D-4513
      Schonleinstrasse 43
      P.O. Box 103935
      Phone: 0049 2018 72240
      Fax: 0049 2018 722499
      NL/HOLL Bureau N. P. O. (The Nethernlands)
      3905 PH Veenendaal
      The Netherlands
      Phone: 0031 3185 59700
      Fax: 00313185 23712
      NORGE Norges Brevdue Forbund (Norwegian Racing Pigeon Association)
      Stein Thorsen (Norwegian language)
      Postboks 196
      5322 Kleppesto

      Inge Fagerli (Norwegian and English language)

      PL Polski Związek Hodowców Gołębi Pocztowych (Poland) Polski Związek Hodowców Gołębi Pocztowych
      Zarząd Główny w Chorzowie
      Skr. pocztowa 177
      41 - 501 Chorzów
      Tel. +48 32 241 59 82
      PORT Federacao Portuguesa de Colombofilia (Portugal) Rue Padre
      Estevao Cabral No. 79
      Salas 214/215, 3000
      Colmbra, Portugal
      ESP Real Federacion Colombofilia Espanola (Spain) Eloy Gonzalo 34
      piso 7 Iz'da
      28010 Madrid
      MALTA Federation of Pigeon Racing Clubs of Malta (Malta) Railway Avenue
      Hamrum, HMR08
      Asia / Australia / New Zealand
      Band Code Organization Contact
      PHA Philippine Homing Pigeon Association
      Mr. Francis Uy
      PHA Secretary General
      P.O. Box 1252, Ermita 1099, Manila
      Phone: + 63 2 243 2972
      SAHPA South Australian Homing Pigeon Association
      Phone: + 61 8 8262 3856 (Assoc)
      + 61 448 883512 (Mobile)
      (Lost birds)+ 61 8 8252 9377
        National Club List of the Australian Racing Association website
      List of Clubs in Australia 
        Pigeon Racing New Zealand


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    White Dove Ceremony and White Dove Society International provides white dove release professionals with information and education, plus a world wide directory of their services. White Doves 101 helps you start a white dove business! Poems and reading
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    white doves, how to start a release business, poems, readings, whitedoves 101, wedding, funeral doves, White Dove Society, International White Dove Society

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